Valby Custom DOT Log Trailer's

VALBY® CUSTOM-BUILT DOT LOG TRAILERS & DUMP TRAILERS are strong, light and maneuverable to help you work fast and stay profitable.  They are built for Professionals, but they are affordable enough for Semi-professionals and Landowners.  VALBY trailers are loaded with standard features and many available options, so you can design YOUR perfect trailer.  Our trailers are constructed using superior-quality design & components, like Dexter single-tandem or dual-tandem axles, heavy-grade structural channel for main beams and cross pieces, fully primed and painted frames to withstand northern winters, and radial tires with 8-hole rims for stability.  The chart below lists the standard features and options.  Don't see something you need?  Call us with your request: 888-589-6160.

FARMI® FOREST LOADERS are the perfect compliment to a VALBY® DOT Trailer. Their key features and benefits are:
Four slewing cylinders and two racks provide high slewing torque for easy loading, even on slopes
An efficient wide-angle joint requires less power and allows picks very close to the column
High-strength steel (HSLA grade 650) for strength without weight
Only requires 2 feet of bed space in front of headache rack for installation, preserving usable bed space
Lifting capacity from 2,600 lbs to 6,000 lbs to handle any job
Reach from 13 feet to 28 feet
Standard/Optional Features
Four Sets of 48" Removable Bolsters
Ramps (with 5' Beavertail only)
Headache Rack
Gooseneck with Ball
Pintle Hook
Gooseneck with King Pin
Four Winch Strap Holders & Straps
2" Oak Decking
DOT Safety Striping
Air Brakes
Diamond Plate over Wheels
Electric over Hydraulic Brakes
7,000 lb Jack
Additional Bolster Sets
Sealed Wiring Harness
Taller Bolster Sets
Re-charging Brake-away Kit
Additional Winch Strap Holders
Rubber-mounted LED Lights
Spare Tire Mount (Gooseneck only)
Covered, Lockable Toolbox
Dump Bed 
Electric Brakes on Both Axles
Extra Bed Length in 2' Increments
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