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  • Tractor Mounted Winches - www.farmiwinch.com

    Farmi® manufactures Rugged Equipment! Farmi® invented the 3-point hitch tractor winch in 1962, and remains the Gold Standard of skidding winches to this day. There are 4 models available, featuring pulling capacities from 6,600 lbs to 13,488 lbs, for tractors from 15-200 hp. Farmi® winches are manufactured to withstand hard work and abuse, even in commercial use. Read More
  • Tractor Mounted Landscape and Bio-Fuel Chippers

    Farmi® Wood Chippers are suited for a wide range of jobs: bio-fuel production, animal bedding, landscaping, composting and mulch. Most models feature dual-disks with adjustable knives, so the user can change the chip size according to the requirements of the job. With a Farmi® chipper, your output becomes a profitable commodity. Read More
  • Firewood Processors

    Farmi® MasterSplit Firewood Processors allow a single operator to produce large quantities of firewood in a short amount of time. They are engineered for speed, efficiency and dependability. Read More
  • Tiller Blades

    Tiller-Blades.com has more than 800 replacement blades for various manufacturers of rototillers. Use our search function to look for your tiller brand or model number. Read More
  • Professional Grade Loaders and Forwarding Trailers

    Farmi® Log Loaders and Forest Trailers are Heavy Duty Machines designed for the Professional, Semi-professional or Small-woodlot Forester that needs RUGGED EQUIPMENT!  Farmi knucklebooms and trailers are powerful yet light for low impact on the woodlot. Read More
  • Valby Log Grapples & Rotators

    Valby® Grapples are manufactured using a “bypass” design, so the jaws grip the load completely and securely. They are the perfect choice to replace outdated grapples on existing loaders. They are also perfectly suited for use on excavators, backhoes, and even on skid steers! A Valby® Grapple turns your existing excavator, backhoe or skid steer into an Efficient Forestry Machine! Read More
  • Professional Grade Felling Heads

    Northeast Implement is the leading importer of Professional Grade Felling Heads in the United States. In business since 1976, Northeast Implement can service all your Felling Head needs. A dedicated sales staff, including a parts department with over 20 years of experience, assures that you will receive prompt, courteous and knowledgeable customer service on every call. Read More

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