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VALBY Grapples & Rotators

VALBY® Grapples are manufactured in Europe to very high standards. We have Log, Demolition, Waste, Sorting, Stone and Universal Grapples plus Clamshell Buckets. They can be mounted on Excavators, Knucklebooms, Cranes, Backhoes, Tractors and Skid Steers. Turn your base equipment into an Efficient Forestry Machine!

Intermercato® Rotators are designed for continuous-rotation, providing tremendous dexterity, productivity and ease of use. Once you use an Intermercato Rotator, you'll never want to use a bucket and thumb again!  We have hanging and rigid rotators suited for most jobs, designed for excavators from 2,500 lbs to 99,000 lbs.


Log Grapples 28”-124” openings 1,320 lbs to 33,000 lbs
Universal Grapples 36”-69” openings 2,200 lbs to 17,600 lbs
Demolition Grapples 45”-92” openings 3,300 lbs to 26,455 lbs
Waste Grapples 27”-90” openings 1,320 lbs to 26,455 lbs
Clamshell Buckets 13 gal – 396 gal
Tractor Grapples 48”-76” openings  
Hanging Mount
2.5 tons - 50 tons
Rigid Mount 4 tons - 24 tons