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Felling Heads & Harvesters

Farmi Forest heads are an effective combination of loading grapple and felling head. It is suited for all kinds of clearing and thinning operations, especially energy wood harvesting. With the Naarva, felling, collecting, cross-cutting and loading of trees, bushes and stumps is fast and easy.  The newest model even cuts and splits for firewood in the same step. Reduce your number of work steps for profitability!

9” Capacity Heads for Tractors, Forwarders, Excavators and Loader Cranes
10” Capacity Heads for Forwarders, Excavators and Loader Cranes
12” Capacity Heads for Harvesters and Excavators
10” Capacity Stroke Harvesters for Tractors and Excavators
Uprooters for Tractors and Excavators