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PTO Shafts

Northeast Implement distributes the highest quality PTO Shafts: La Magdalena, made in Spain. Don't be fooled by the "cheap" brands that are on the market today. La Magdalena manufactures durable, long lasting drivelines for almost any application. We carry complete shafts and replacement parts for most La Magdalena shafts. Call us and specify "La Magdalena!"

M1 Shaft Used on small timber winches and centrifugal fertilizer spreaders.  Rated for 16 hp at 540 rpm; 25 hp at 1000 rpm.
M4 Shaft Used on medium tractor winches, small wood chippers, small rototillers and some hay rakes.  Rated for 35 hp at 540 rpm; 55 hp at 1000 rpm.
M6 Shaft Used on large logging winches, medium wood chippers, mowers, snow blowers, and rototillers.  Rated for 62 hp at 540 rpm; 98 hp at 1000 rpm.
M7-SLC Shaft 75 - 115 hp
M8 Shaft Used on forestry mowers and large snow blowers.  Rated for 91 hp at 540 rpm; 145 hp at 1000 rpm.