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Logmatic USA

The Logmatic™ Wedge Axe is a highly efficient, durable, ergonomically designed tool for splitting firewood and kindling.

Logmatic products are backed by decades of design and experience in the field of wood harvesting and forestry tools. Logmatic received international acclaim at a forestry trade fair held in France, where the Logmatic won the Award of Security, but the best accolades come from the tens of thousands of customers around the world who are using this safe and efficient product.  Logmatic products are built with Nordic quality and pride.

LM 250 12.1 lb Wedge Axe - ideal for most users
LM 150 8.8 lb Wedge Axe - ideal for smaller users
Splitting Basket Provides containment and a sturdy, level base for splitting
Bushmatic For clearing small trees under 2"